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Oil radiator assembling and disassembling the 
    The process inspection of the radiator and the factory inspection Strict, excellent quality to meet customer needs. The following introduce oil radiator assembling and disassembling the matters needing attention:
    L radiator, disassembly and assembly, the need to open the upper vent plug, and at the same time, from the bottom of the oil drain plug protocol, and then release the butterfly valve joint screws and remove the radiator. Note that the headers of residual oil outflow, to prevent the transformer oil loss and pollution of the environment.
    2, the radiator should be numbered removal, so as not to back to the loading error due to inconsistent and not easy to be assembled. Sling should be solid and reliable, lifting should be safe and stable, prevent the radiator pressure collision deformation.
    3, the installation of radiator, first identify the upper and lower parts, prevent inversion. When lifting can plug this rule as deflation according to near the pipe joint plug, namely the end at the top, and away from the pipe connector plug for oil discharge end, should be under the.
     4, the installation of the radiator before should first installed on the butterfly valve. Butterfly valve door indicating position has two forms: one is screwed on the position indicator with bell, first use Zhong Zhao opened, with board hand screwing the upper end of the rotating shaft is the head, can make the opening and closing door rotation. The other is a door rotating shaft fixed on-off indicator, the arrow points to the radiator, door start indicator turn 90. Door closed the week. Butterfly valve should be based on screw threads on both ends of the different length identify method, both inside and outside the range of screw, can not be installed, if reversed, not connected. This need not be released as long as body oil, vacuum pumping to the body. When the negative pressure reaches the standard atmospheric ZO%25%, can be modified butterfly valve. Because the body is in the state of negative pressure, the oil does not drain, than to put oil and modified butterfly valve, can shorten the 10 - 12h.
    We always follow the "service and development, quality of survival" management philosophy, play the role of technical strength and advantages of its own, constant innovation of high-tech products for the society to provide strong adaptability and high ratio of performance to price, to win the support and trust of users.
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