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Solution of automobile engine radiator inlet. 
Radiator hose motivation of long-term use will be aging, easily broken, the water is easy to enter the radiator, ruptured hose in the driving process, the high temperature water splashing out of the formation of large clouds of steam from the engine cover out, the occurrence of this phenomenon, should immediately choose a safe place for parking, and then take emergency measures to resolve. Following introduced emergency measures in this case:
    Under normal circumstances, radiator inlet, hose joint of the most easy to crack and Water Leakage, then you can use scissors to cut the damaged parts, and then re inserted into the radiator inlet hose joint, and with the clip or wire clamping. If split in the middle section of the hose, can use tape wound Water Leakage breach, wound before hose clean, etc. Water Leakage parts after drying, the tape winding in the hose Water Leakage, because the higher water pressure when the engine is operating in the hose, so try to tape wrapped tight. If we don"t have the tape, you can also be wrapped in plastic paper gap, then old cloth cut into strips around the hose. Sometimes the hose gap larger, wound after may still be Water Leakage, then can be the water tank cover open, in order to reduce the pressure in the channel, reduce the leakage.
    To take these measures, the engine speed is not too fast, to try to hang the high-end travel, travel should pay attention to water temperature table pointer position, found that when the water temperature is too high to stop cooling or cooling water supplement. My company a full range of services to customers, to after-sales service and customer quality, reasonable price and perfect to forge ahead hand in hand, and common development.
  [2014/11/18 13:27:10]

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