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The service life of aluminum radiator 

    Automobile radiator as one of the company"s flagship product, the company for many years has been committed to R & D, production, with the top of the R & D ability, with good business reputation and the quality of products won the trust of many customers, the following Xiaobian introduce is the service life of automobile aluminum radiator:
    Welding equipment and process method of copper, aluminum radiator used on the different, its product structure strength difference. Aluminum radiator welding for brazing, welding temperature of 577-612 DEG C, and the copper radiator is used in soldering, welding temperature lower than 450 DEG C. Aluminum radiator welding joint shear strength, 50-58MPa, tensile strength is 86-96MPa, and the copper radiator solder tensile strength is 34-37MPa; so the structure strength of aluminum radiator is higher than a lot of copper radiator.

    Taking into account the aluminum radiator is not easy maintainability, manufacturers in the material selection must consider the product reliability and service life, therefore, the reliability of aluminum radiator is far higher than that of copper radiator, the objective is to minimize the use of the user later vehicle maintenance cost. On the other hand, aluminum radiator in existence as copper radiator facts in corrosion resistance performance, customer requirements for automotive aluminum radiator use conditions than copper radiator strict. Is mainly the customers must use antifreeze liquid rust provisions of vehicle manufacturers. Cannot use other media such as: water. In short, aluminum radiator and copper radiator compared under the same conditions, aluminum radiator fault free mileage is much higher than that of copper radiator.
    We always adhere to the service above all else, to solve the problems and difficulties, sustainable, stable, balanced and win-win are our core philosophy, quality first, premium services, high efficiency work. Over the years our company has won the praise and trust of new and old customers!

  [2014/11/18 13:22:54]

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