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Auto parts repair and Maintenance Tips 
    Auto accessories experts to help you use the aging, long-term car how to do? You may be encountered such a problem, then have a look what can help your tricks.
    1, the body aging, scar inspection maintenance tips: no matter what kind of car will have either large or small scars. The table paint scars much damage? How can we repair? Must be correct to consider the disposal method. If it is not too conspicuous scars, clever method is rather than let it go.
    2, the wear scar repair maintenance tips: all cars have scratches, repair method is the best coating agent scar fill with the body of the same. Coating agent can be painted once, two times, three times, the more the number, will be painted more clean. But the uniform treatment of the whole body is also very important.
    3, Water Leakage strategy tips: door, trunk around the paste article waterproof easy spalling, distortion. But if there is no rupture, deformation, can use again, only needs to be re paste, can prevent the Water Leakage. Protective agent for rubber elastic recovery itself is also very important.
    4, scratch, surface peeling paint repair maintenance tips: deep scars, focus is to observe whether the exposed metal surface, if not to the metal surface will not rust, can focus on coated with varnish. To use the tip of one point one point location, and then paint is completely dry.
Auto parts materials: tires, glass, lamp, spark plug, oil, machine filter, engine, drive system, steering system, braking system, walking system, ignition system, cooling system, body and accessories, auto supplies, auto repair and maintenance class to provide information and publishing.
    5, rust preventive countermeasures tips: found rusty, immediately set out to solve, if left unchecked, the rust will gradually expand. Rust preventing method is use sandpaper to wipe, or with the rust and changes of chemical synthetic agent. According to the different situation, respectively use.
    6, the deep scar repair maintenance tips: very deep but elongated scars, color putty can repair well. Sandpaper with bruises, don"t will scar surface is enlarged, it is important to clean the dirt. Putty must carefully daub, make completely into the inside. Finally coated with mixture, waxing, finish the work.
    7, depression, repair maintenance tips: depression treatment is one of the most troublesome work body maintenance, important is to lay a good foundation, if this step is not done well, painting do again good results are poor. When painting, don"t forget to cover with newspaper around, make the paint not spreading.
    8, small scar repair maintenance tips: the body if it is found that the degree of scar, first check the scars. If only very shallow scratches surface paint, immediately with a mixture of processing method for linear wipe wipe. The scar disappears, after the mixture with finer wipe wax again.
    9, the oil maintenance tips: oil is too much too little will affect the engine, the ideal amount is close to the upper parts of the oil scale. Add oil, the oil level the same as far as possible to prepare and use of products. Pay attention to the surrounding not to splash the engine, a detection of a month.
    10, bumper scar repair maintenance tips: scar treatment method is to carry insurance burr truncate, smooth potholes part oiled ash makes. Special putty, prepare all kinds of color, select the closest color. The bumper and body color, very important painting.
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